A good Markdown to HTML engine for using with Edge

hey guys, how are you all?

I’m looking for some Markdown Engine to use inside adonis, for help me to render Edge Views.

Has someone any tips?

@virk how do you render the official Docs?

According the official github repo, the docs are written in asccii doctor

An important fact is this tool requires


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Thanks for sharing with me @ShadowPaz, ascii doctor does not is useful for me, not for my actual purpose, however i have found another library which fits on my needs.
is dimmerapp/markdown package, which is developed by our friend @virk hahaha


Hey @NeroOficial! :wave:

This library may be overkill. I would recommend to use directly remark which is a modular markdown compiler.

If you want an example, I have created a MarkdownProcessor that is available on Github.

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Humm, interesting… i’ll look at that now and anwser here what i think. thx

your solution fits my needs @romain.lanz, thx

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