A paid project using Adonis as a base

Hello everyone, I would like to ask the AdonisJS development team if it would be wrong to charge for a project that uses Adonis as a base.

My team and I are working on a static and dynamic site generator, it’s a paid project, and we are using various technologies for it to support different types of hosting and one of these technologies is Adonisjs. We’re building a website generator for non-programmers, like Wix, for that, and we’re looking to use Adonis as a base, and we’re also looking to revert part of the signatures as donations to the project, so it keeps it up and can grow faster.

We can do it? Is there any problem? Any limitations?

Thank you all for your attention.



Hello :wave:

AdonisJs is released under MIT license, which gives you complete freedom to build paid products using AdonisJs as the base.


I think you should define what you mean by limitations and a problem: limitations in terms of what ?

@begueradj I meant in legal terms, something related to licenses. But as @virk responded it seems like there are no legal issues with that, my concern was about the license, maybe I should have specified this before.

Excuse me!

Thank you all for your attention.

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Got it, thanks Come!

Soon I will be here again and hope to have good results with this project and be able to help Adonis in any meaningful way.

Thanks for your help, attention and this amazing project.