Adonis Ally and iOS facebook login


Adonis Ally works perfectly when you use it for the web… But, is there any way it could be used with iOS apps that are using FacebookSDK?

Difference is that iOS imidietely gets accessToken, so it could work if for example getUser method of facebook driver would accept accessToken also. And if access token is sent it should skip fetching of accessToken.

So something like this (@adonisjs/ally/src/Drivers/Facebook.js):

const accessTokenResponse = queryParams.accessToken || await this.getAccessToken(code, this._redirectUri, {
  grant_type: 'authorization_code'

@virk can you introduce something like this? Or there is already a method to solve mobile app social auth and I’m missing something…


Yeah it will be nice to add this functionality to ally, since it has been requested earlier as well.

Would you mind creating a issue for same with adonis-ally repo?


Sorry didn’t understood you… Isn’t this issue already created on adonis-ally repo? How can I help?


Any updates on this? Thanks


@virk any plans on implementing


Yes, will look into it and will add it.