Adonis drive Error: 421 Too many connections (8) from this IP

Hello, wish u a good day

facing an issue in adonis drive when using it multiple time uploading a file to another ftp host, it works at first then shows this error,

is it about closing ftp connection after every process?

thanks in advance

It seems like external FTP provider is limiting connection count to 8.

Try to use same connection to upload multiple files.

Or set up some basic file upload queue. Or use both. But first one should solve most of your problems. Queue is nice for scaling up

@McSneaky thanks for your reply,

8 is the standard of connections for most hosting providers,

but I think it is not about limit or queue, as files upload is synchronize not simultaneous.

I think that your current FTP implementation opens connection with every upload and does not close it after file upload

that occurs when closing connection after every upload.

Can you share some code?