Adonis Framework v4 - v5

Hi, First of all thank you for making this wonderful framework available.

I want to start create my startup by building the API using AdonisJS so my brain doesn’t mixed from other language (php :upside_down_face: ) .

I know Adonis v5 is coming. And here is my question:

  1. I know v5 is still in “preview” mode, and there is a chance for major changes when it stable release and I like v5 because of typescript. Is there any way to use typescript on v4?

  2. After v5 is release, will v4 still get support (if yes, for how long)?

  3. How big is migrating from v4 to v5? (other than js to ts)


You can start your project with v5, I don’t think there would be any major breaking changes going forward. You can checkout this post.

I am presently building a production app with it, and I can tell you it’s the best nodejs framework I have I ever used (by the way, I am a nestjs fan) till date.

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is there any real drawback using v5? I mean like unfinished / unperfect feature?

It’s all down to the features you want to implement in your app. For instance, the app I am working on requires social authentication, but it has not been implemented yet in V5. So, I had to implement my use cases by myself, which was pretty simple. Personally, I don’t see that as a drawback when I compare it with all the good things you get out of the box. Never felt this confident building a back-end with nodejs before, v5 is just awesome.

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