Adonis.js Version 5.0.x


Hi all,
I see v5.0.x releases at

  1. Are they stable versions and production grade?
  2. When should we consider migrate our application at production, from v4.x to v5.x ?
  3. Is there any release notes, changelogs , docs about v5.x?



version 5 is not available for production yet, the stable version is 4.1 as you can see the docs

Also you need to read this resource, is an interview made to virk where you can find more useful information

You should upgrade your adonis apps, only when version 5 release be stable


Thanks for answer!
Adonis.js really is a great job.
I hope that Virk and the Adonis.js team will find the support to continue this work in a more systematic way. I think the community has shown lots of interest for Adonis.js. But progress in Adonis.js seems a bit disorganized.
Anyway, thanks for the great job again!