Adonis Persona pull request pending for several months

Why this pull request which adds a small but interesting feature to Adonis Persona is still not merged even if it has been several months there ?


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Seems like some test is failing

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Following your comment, I checked and found out there was indeed one error related to the code itself. And in this case, the request should be closed, I think … so that others like me won’t have the feeling: “they ignore contributors’ efforts here

I want to mark your feedback as an accepted answer, but no checkbox button is available, sorry :slight_smile:

I don’t think closing would be best idea.
Neither I think keeping it open would be good idea :smiley:

Maybe keep it open, but add some label, like awaiting tests or tests failing or something similar?

Would be nice to come up with good idea and propose it to Virk or Romain :slight_smile:

Edit: @begueradj, it will interest you. Virk has status message in Github:
I know that AdonisJs issues are pending. I am addressing them in 5.0 release

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