Adonis Roadmap?


Hello all,

I’m trying to decide on a framework for my next project and someone recommended Adonis.js to me. I’ve been playing with it for the last 24hrs and I really, really like it. Flexible yet powerful. Not the fastest, but fast enough. Extremely fast development and it’s organized very well.

However, I have one concern as it looks like there’s really only 2 people contributing to this project on GitHub and activity has stalled a bit after Q2 of this year. Maybe they’re just taking a break - I understand this.

I just want to make sure that this project will be around for at least the next 2-3 years. I’m happy to see this forum being active, but have the devs released a roadmap or have they announced any key partnerships?


Hello @twigs67

Let me try to answer your questions.

Yes, the framework is majorly maintained by couple of us. However, it is not the first time that a single individual is creating and maintaining a framework.

Personally I am a person, who loves to work in silence and make real progress on ground and not on papers and same is reflected on the framework, but I welcome everyone to share their thoughts and ideas and work on them when it’s the right time.

Progress seems stalled. Adonis is divided into many sub repos and all repos cannot have something meaningful to be added to them all the time. However, the current version of the framework is open for bugs and security related fixes.

We are planning a new release 5.0. Here’s some discussion on same and also we have started the RFC process for 5.0

Will framework be around for next 2-3 years. Google has just shutdown their Inbox. No software comes with the guarantee that it will be around for any number of years. However, I do get your point.

Their are some great projects like and companies like, who uses AdonisJs everyday. So I have no plans of stopping the development in near future.

However, I have a fulltime job and I work in phases. The day I will start committing changes in Adonis, I will do that for months and then I will focus more on my job after that. (I have to balance).

I hope this helps you in making right decisions.


I’m going to production with Adonis, Nuxt and Vuetify and i feel really confident regarding the future :slight_smile:



Yes, this did help. Thanks and great job on Adonis. I hope the project gets more contributors. It’s definitely one of the better js frameworks I’ve played with.

@peter - that’s good to hear. Thanks for letting me know.


I work for a large company employing 16,000+ people and we have adopted Adonis.

@virk Give me time and I’m sure I can talk them into sponsorship :slight_smile:


Hello @peter

How did you manage to use Nuxt.js with Adonis.js? Did you for example create separate folders/repositories for the frontend and backend? Or did you use the Nuxt.js starter template that gives the choice to pick AdonisJs as a server side framework? I do not like the later option though for reasons you may guess.

Billal Begueradj


Hi @begueradj

I have two totally separate projects running two separate Node processes.

  1. server is minimal Adonis i think it’s called api-only
  2. client is Nuxt that “talks” to server via axios

The server is a REST api but recently i have implemented GraphQL in Adonis with @romain.lanz package adonis-graphql and in client i have implemented @nuxtjs/apollo to “talk” to server.

So my folder structure:


@peter Thank you very much for the precious information (your first phrase is already a full answer to me, thank you so much)


That is really awesome that GraphQL module for Adonis
I feel we have the same taste because I also use Nuxt.js + Vuetify.js + Adonis.js (RESTful + GraphQL)


@begueradj nice,

I reed some stuff about problems with Adonis/GraphQL and i hope they arn’t serious cause i really like GraphQL. Bloated controllers with complicated Query Builder code is so easy to achieve in a clean way with functions in GraphQL Resolvers.


@peter Can you share the problems you have heard about AdonisJs/GraphQL together?



I believe number of queries is a general problem with GraphQL.

To be honest, I don’t use GraphQL and neither I am an expert to build abstractions around it (said it many times). The guys at Apollo are really doing great work with it.

I am also trying to understand, why would you use AdonisJs, when you are using GraphQL or Apollo?

For example: GraphQL has resolvers, schemas, in built validation and caching. So that simply replace the chunk of what AdonisJs internals