Adonis versioning


Hi everyone)

I’m a big confused with adonis versioning: Documentation said that there is version 4.1, but on a github and npm last version is 5.0.4, and never been 4.1…

So what’s the latest version, and where to get Adonis 4.1?)


AdonisJs is a combination of several packages, which includes @adonisjs/framework, @adonisjs/lucid and so on.

Now each package can have it’s own version, but a combination of these packages at a certain version creates a release of AdonisJs as a whole.

So your app version 4.1 is defined in the package.json. You should not worry about the versions of it’s dependency


You can check if there is an update for your application by runningo o npm-check.


Can you tell me how to revert back to version 3.2 legacy from 4.1.0?


Any specific reasons you want to revert back?