Adonis with ReasonML


Does anyone try to use Adonis with ReasonML?


Hey @PazzaVlad! :wave:

I haven’t. What are the reasons you would like to use ReasonML?


There are tons of them frankly speaking :slight_smile:

  • joy to work with (it’s like come from express with node 0.12 to Adonis 4 with node 10) beautiful and understandable error messages etc,
  • immutability by default
  • functional-objective paradigm which in my opinion best of both worlds.
  • 100% type coverage.
  • 10-20 times faster compilation then TS.
  • generated js readable like it was written by good programmer.
  • awesome and concise syntax
    and many others)

Recently I write sort of data scraper in ReasonML and now it’s hard to go back))


I believe when people ask for flavours of Javascript, then the only way is to write wrappers for that.

Ofcourse, I cannot learn all these languages and write wrappers by myself. So someone who uses ReasonML or whatever has to step up and help everyone :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s understandable

Maybe some other people wanted to use it too so we can collaborate together or something like that + I try to figure out myself from what point to start)