AdonisJS 5 From Scratch

AdonisJS 5 (preview) was released recently and as we all have expected, it comes with a lot of improvement as well as new features. Above, all AdonisJS 5 has been completely rewritten in TypeScript, which means we get to make use of all the great TypeScript features such as type safety and IntelliSense support.

I have put together a new FREE course: AdonisJS 5 From Scratch to help you learn AdonisJS 5.

In this course, we’ll learn AdonisJS 5 completely from scratch. This is a project-based course, where you get to learn by building. We’ll cover each aspect of the framework while we gradually build a task application.

The course is still in development as more lessons will be added in the coming weeks.


Well done compatriot. Proud of you. :heart:

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Great work!

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Hi, I like to learn adonis.
Is the v5 ready for a small API Rest?
I never use version 4 (i never use Adonis before) and I wonder if I can start directly with v5?
PD: Sorry for my Google Translator English


Yesh :slight_smile:

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If you haven’t used Adonis before I’d suggest you start with v5

The course is now completed and you can binge watch!

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