AdonisJS 5 Preview Release

@virk I wanted to enquire about AdonisJS 5. Based on the documentation, this was stated on the preview website:

The core of the framework under the preview release is quite stable and ready for production use. It’s just that some of the old AdonisJS packages are not migrated to work with new core.

I would like to know if there is a list of these old AdonisJS packages so as to help with the decision of starting to use V5 for my production apps. I would just like to confirm if the list includes critical packages that might be relevant for my work.

Thanks in advance for your response

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Hi @adegbengaagoro,

You might be interested in the V5 roadmap : adonisjs-roadmap-2020

There are still a lot of important packages that have not been migrated for the moment:

  • Auth
  • Internationalization
  • Mails
  • Testing
  • Seeds (& Factory)

The documentation is not complete at this time. It’s in progress.

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@CrBast Thanks for the quick response and context.

I appreciate it, I’ll just revert to waiting on the full V5 release, can’t wait to start building production apps with it

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@adegbengaagoro, I want to try out V5 for pure Adonis JS projects. That is, using Edge instead of 3rd-party libraries such as Vue JS for the frontend. But I will wait till all packages are migrated.

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