AdonisJs on Node.js v10


Given that Node.js v10.x is the new LTS and v8.x lose support at the end of year, has anyone tried running AdonisJs on Node.js v10?

Looks like the move to V8 Engine 6.x is pretty exciting considering it really improves async/await performance (especially 8x improvement on parallel calls with Promise.all):

Promise.all performance

Seems like there’s already tangible real-world benefits on other frameworks:


I’d be interested to know what this looks like on AdonisJs since it heavily utilizes async/await.

Also, native HTTP/2 support looks amazeballs. :heart_eyes:


This should be a comment, but yes I use AdonisJS with Node.js 10 and soon I will use Node.js 11 which will have major security releases on February 27th 2019