Adonisjs v5 Preview very slow in WSL:Ubuntu-20.04

I’m testing Adonisjs v5 (Preview) with WSL:Ubuntu-20.04 and when I execute a command like this one
node ace list:routes
it tooks much time to show the results.
If I execute the same command in PowerShell it executes almost immediatly.
Anyone knows why is it happen?

Hello @mavguimaraes!

Are you using WSL 1 or 2?
With WSL 2 when running commands from WSL while executing something on Windows filesystem things are super slow, since there’s translation layer between two filesystems.

Solution is to move everything inside WSL 2, where it uses Linux native FS. Things are almost at native Linux speed then (been using WSL2 since some weeks now and haven’t noticed any difference with native Linux, which I have on dualboot.

As long as you use native FS all will be fine. WSL native from WSL terminal or Windows native in Win terminal

I’m using WSL 2. Thanks for your advice. It works now at the speed it does in Linux native.

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