Advices for writing good code and not getting stuck


I’m working with Laravel for almost a year and I would say I’m good at Laravel. AdonisJs seems very easy and very similar to Laravel so that I started learning last week. I’m confident enough to build good applications but there seems a lot of mistakes I made while developing. I’ve tried expressjs long before. Pieces of advice on how to proceed further will be highly helpful. Please mention common mistakes that every adonis developer make. I’m not new to javascript but it will be helpful when some of you guys help me out.


IMHO your questions is broad. But there are ebooks and blogs where you can read about coding best practices. Try reading some chapters of ‘The Clean Code’ or ‘The Pragmatic Programmer’, for example.


thank you bro


Hey @Karthick-Ramachandra! :wave:

The best you could do is try and fail.

Everyone makes error on a daily basis and learn from them.
If you want advice and code review, feel free to open thread on the forum or join our Discord Server to get quicker answer.


Thank you for your reply… I can see lot of improvements in server side javascript with Adonis when comparing to express… only thing that stops me to use server side JavaScript is the complexity of express which complicates scalability and consumes time… Adonis is now a better hope to write server side JavaScript… thanks a lot… Client side js especially React is the one I love a lot… 2nd will be laravel and Adonis picks 3rd…