After random amount of time server stop answer at requests


Hey, after random amount of time server stop answer at requests. Process still working, there are no errors, but when i try to make a request it won’t answer and i am getting infinitely loads. Any ideas why that happens?

As i see it’s start to load cpu for 100% and that’s why it’s have that issue. Any ideas how to understand what cause such behavior?

It can work 2 - 5 hours and then 100% cpu load and i need to restart process to fix that. I don’t have any ideas why that happens.


@virk Any ideas how to understand where my problem is?


It’s impossible to tell why your server reaches to 100% cpu. You have to narrow down the problem yourself by running certain parts of your code and then monitoring which one triggers the CPU spike.

Their is no magical way for anyone to find the root cause without looking at the code and then debugging small parts at a time


What server configuration you use?
What software you use to serve your website?

Maybe you should try to use some app server like Phusion Passenger? It logs can help you to troubleshoot problem.