Ally : Cannot find module 'AllyProvider'

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to install Ally from

I install Ally with : adonis install @adonisjs/ally

But when I add the provider on start/app.js

const providers = [

I have this error :

Error: Cannot find module '@adonisjs/ally/providers/AllyProvider'
Require stack:
- /app/node_modules/require-stack/src/index.js
 - /app/node_modules/require-stack/index.js
 - /app/node_modules/@adonisjs/fold/src/Ioc/index.js
 - /app/node_modules/@adonisjs/fold/index.js
- /app/server.js

1 requireStack

2 anonymous

3 arrayMap


5 interceptor

6 thru

Can you help me ?
Thank you

Hi @maxime!

There was some bug with VSCode + Windows + updating node_modules.
Try to close VSCode and then install adonis ally again and see if it solves it.

Also what’s the Ally version in pacakge lock / package json?

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Hello @McSneaky it seems to work now.
I’m doing more tests tomorrow.

Once again, thank you.