Are anyone using AdoNuxt?


I found my self working more and more in Vue and they recommend Nuxt for SSR.

I found AdoNuxt and i wonder if you would recommend using it over precompiled SPA?


Hey! :wave:

Before reading my answer, note that I have never done SSR.

When I’m developing an application I like to separate the frontend and the backend.
That means if I’m doing a SPA I’ll have my compiled SPA served as statics files by my proxy (nginx) and then my backend that will be served as a normal node.js application.

Frontend doesn’t know what I use to run my backend and the backend doesn’t care about the frontend, it could be a React, VueJs, Angular, Ember, Mobile app.

To achieve SSR with this approach I’d have two applications. The backend would be my Adonis application running in API only mode and then I’ll have another app only to do SSR (with Nuxt, Next, express, adonis, etc.) but I’ll never merge my frontend & backend code.

Hope that make sense.


Thank you Romain,

Yeah, i talked to Liam about this and he also suggested that i separate backend from frontend. Just like you said, Adonis API only for backend and Nuxt for frontend.

He suggested using JWT to keep the authentication between them, is that what you would recommend as well?


Yes, it’s the most common and easiest way to do that.


did you try to implement nuxt using the adonis api only with social authentication ?


I could never get Plain Nuxt to work on my Plesk server so i had to go with Adonuxt.


Yes, I use PlasmaNuxt, a fork from AdoNuxt.

The project contain the auth!


I’m in the process of building something similar to Plasma Nuxt, which is also based on Adonis + Nuxt + a bunch of other boiler that is the same for every project.