Best way to create SaaS App

Hi guys, Im really new with AdonisJS and I want to build a SaaS application then need some help.

I dont know if Im wrong, but I thinking on build a database for my business, users, paids and my super admin panel, admin company users.
And every client have a independ database.
From the admin conpany panel and admin db, the user will manage the other database.
The other database per client will have connected users, created from the admin panel.

The main database will have the name, password and host to connect to the user db or company db.

This Im thinking on future performance, I will change the server database for any company.
Or future db customizations for every company.

The users created by the admin, will make login on Android App, I use B4A for that. I want to create an Api to get the data, make login etc.

The users from android app, will have another panel, not priority but I accept suggestions.

This is not an AdonisJs question.

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Hi and thanks for your answer.
My question is how can I manage 1 app with multiple databases in AdonisJs.

In that case, I think the solution to this question can help you because it deals with an issue similar to yours: Lucid join across multiple databases

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