Better chatroom solution


I guess chatroom will still be useful beside the forum but i would like to sugest something like this:

I think it would be less messy with sub channels.

What do you all think?


So chatrooms are great when you want to have a quick chats. But they are bad when you want to get answers. Here’s why

I have a normal day, where I work for my company and at night I work on AdonisJs. At times I don’t check github or forums or gitter, coz I know I have to get some work done and these channels will disturb me.

Now If I come a chat room after 2 days, I can hardly answer anyone, since there is too much noise and everything is scattered but with forum, I can easily reply to any thread.

Try reading this


I totally get it. I would like to have all problems/solutions in the forum since i might want to look for a specific problem/solution in the future, this is like you said to messy in the chat.

The sad thing is that most of this is handled in the chat but maybe the forum will take over soon.


It would seem the best course for beginners to head to the forums to partake in discussion or lookup old discussions. Leave Gitter as a place for chit-chat between seasoned veterans of Adonis. I started Adonis last friday and today I wanted some info on setting up Adonis Edge with Webstorm, looked at Gitter, it is a mess when it comes to being a reference source. It is almost dizzying.

Adonis users should consider moving their technical discussions to this forum for the sake of new users being able to reference old discussions


@wzy totally agree.

This is how i dit it in phpStorm, i guess this is doable also in webstorm.


I believe you can also use Laravel blade syntax highlighting too, since Edge has very similar syntax


In WebStorm there is no option for the Laravel Blade template engine (I need Blade because I am using Edge, not Nunjucks), you can’t even find the Blade plugin in the builtin online plugin repo.

So the only options are to use PHPStorm for its Laravel Blade support which is similar to Adonis Edge, or create a custom file type and manually add the syntax markup for Edge.


That’s what I did but I had to switch from WebStorm to PHPStorm as Webstorm doesn’t support Laravel Blade.