Can I use websocket for Android?


I want to build apps for android and use Adonis in the backend api, in the docs I only see the client only for web, can I use it for Android apps?


Yeah, we don’t have an Android client yet. If someone wants to write it, then I can try to help


As far as I’m aware there shouldn’t be any real difference between a websocket connection between a browser or any other client – ios, android, etc. If the app can make the connection, it should work as you’d expect.

That said – it might be beneficial to consider a protocol that’s a little more tolerant of intermittent-connections than plain old websockets… like mqtt.

Adonis can talk to an mqtt broker with the adonis-mqtt plugin. My fork of it also makes the AWS IoT broker available to use . Speaking of which, I should probably create a pull request with those changes.