Can You guys please share your app running in production built with adonis?


Here is mine, in alpha phase


I can’t share my company apps, but i can guaranty you, we have been using Adonis since version 3 and our Web apps are still running like a champ in production, we use Heroku and we have a lot of traffic.


Good to here that


I built on it and couple of internal services for


I built and couple of internal services for



Built a few internal services for and currently using it to build an API; A cog in the machine of a new Order Management solution handling a million+ rows of data per week.


:wave: I built this with adonis.js on the backend as an api with my small team of devs for our national campaign promoted all across the U.S.


I’ve built, which is a job board for AdonisJs developers

I’ve launched the site with a HackerNoon post Maybe you’ve come accross that post !


Thanks for sharing that HackerNoon post Max, it’s well-worth the read!

#11 is also an interesting one


Also Alpha stage: