Change OS level tmp location into application

Hi Team,

How to change upload tmp location from OS level to application level ?

anyone can help me?

Meaning please ?

Normally When we try to upload any file, we are moving the file from tmp location to application directory/ some other location. Means initially the file will be reside in OS level temp location.

As considering the security it is restricted to write file in system directory in my project.
I want to change the initial upload location.

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Interesting. Maybe you will have to extend the Request class to overcome that default behavior.

Any reference is available.?

The reference I have is the one you can see by clicking on the ‘extend’ word in my previous comment.

If one day your application will have to be run on a different machine where there are not restrictions on the /tmp folder then it is useless to extend the Request class. But out of curiosity, it would be nice to solve it. I do not know if @virk or @romain.lanz have a better approach.

The link above contains an example on how to extend the Response class. You may do the same with the Request class. How exactly ? Well, you have to dig deeper yourself if this is an important issue to overcome :slight_smile: Otherwise, that is the only hint I know about.

Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face:
Let me try…

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