Connection timeout error


Hi there, my API connection times out when calling endpoints and this caused my application to fail.

I get the result below when a request is sent to any of the endpoint on the API.

    "data": [],
    "message": "connect ETIMEDOUT",
    "error": true

Note: This started after SSL installation on the server.



Hey @iamtunde! :wave:

This error isn’t an official Adonis error, meaning you (or a third party library) are sending this JSON back.

Maybe you can create a repository to reproduce the issue so we can have a look.



Yes you’re correct I had the errors handled before retuning the response, however I’ve fixed the problem.

It was a misconfiguration in my proc.json used in running PM2 server.

Thank you for your response. @romain.lanz

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Thanks for your suggestion. I am also facing same issue.