Deploy adonis on https


I am trying to deploy an adonisjs api but I am having problems with https.
I am following the instructions from here, but without any luck.

I am getting the following exception when I try to start the app

RuntimeException: E_CANNOT_SWAP_SERVER: Attempt to hot swap http instance failed. Make sure to call Server.setInstance before starting the http server

I am using also pm2 to start the application


Hey @melokki! :wave:

Please, read


Dear @romain.lanz!

I think this link definitely should be somewhere in recipes, maybe even in quickstart! :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing @romain.lanz
I would like to do the same but on Gitlab (never tried so far, but will need that in a close future)


I use Plesk on a DO VPS. I can really recommend it.

Super easy deployment integration with repo: