Deploying Adonisjs+Vuejs Application in live Server

I have a project built by Adonisjs(server) and Vuejs(client). These twos are also in the different folders named server and client.I do send api request from client to server.Everything works fine in my local machine but it shows 404 error for all api request (axios request) in live server.It seems i am not able to connect the server from client in live server correctly. Feel free to ask if you need anything. Any help would be appreciated and i would be highly grateful. Thanks in advance

Hey @gitsakil09! :wave:

Would be better to have some code or even a repository to help you.

  • Have you checked the network tab to verify it’s the correct URI is called?
  • Have you correctly setup the reverse proxy on your server to redirect to your API?

Here are the details.
Hosted server: AWS
I have uploaded the folder.enter image description here

Here parent folder has two folders server and client.client is for front end and server is for backend.
This is my project link

I have pointed the client/dist directory and the home page is fine.It shows the error while try to login.
enter image description here

This is the error

How have you setup your IIS server?

Yeah i have already adonis project running sir

The endpoint can’t be found on the server.

404 - File or directory not found.

The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

How does your start/routes.js looks like?

This is my routes.js file

You have probably done something wrong in the configuration of your ISS server @gitsakil09.
I’m not an expert on IIS, so I cannot help you more with this.

well thank you very much sir. Thanks for your time :slight_smile: :slight_smile: @romain.lanz

I got same issue, I want to deploy adonis to IIS unfortunately, it works only in my express test but not in adonisjs project. I need to configure something like host and port? or right under server.js? Thanks