Emails per second

Hi, how to configure mail to acceptps more send emails per seconds?

Have a limit?

Hi @mauriciolucas22

What kind of email provider are you using?

Hi @McSneaky, i am using smtp

smtp: {
driver: ‘smtp’,
pool: true,
port: Env.get(‘MAIL_PORT’),
host: Env.get(‘MAIL_HOST’),
secure: false,
auth: {
user: Env.get(‘MAIL_USERNAME’),
pass: Env.get(‘MAIL_PASSWORD’)
maxConnections: 10000,
maxMessages: 10000,
rateLimit: 10

Hi @mauriciolucas22

I meant more about what external provider are you using. Mailgun, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Gmail etc?

I think peak I have sent is around 300 per sec over Mailgun.

At previous work place we sent out some million emails over some minutes over Mailchimp. For this we needed to inform first for heavy load tho.

You need to check limits based on provider