Firebird add ORM, Is it possible?

Can I add other relational database as Firebird/Interbase into the ORM Lucid?
or does it already exist for Firebird/Interbase?


You can add everything that underlying Knex supports.
You can also add your own drivers. There seems to be something called firebird-knex. it might work for you

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Thank You. I’ll study.
do you know this driver caminte?
Firebird is added. Is a good choice?

Haven’t ever heard of it or used it, seems like last update was 2 years ago tho, so might be stale project :frowning:

You can always use any DB driver directly too like

There also seems to be some projects that have it implemented

Those both seem to be not updated for years too, but worth a check and maybe can fork them :slight_smile:


Aah, damn, I’m blind!
Lemme look for Firebird :smiley:

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hi. Thank you for reply,
but this project use fireBASE(google) and I use fireBIRD.

Hmm, only thing I managed to find is this:

Seems like someone uses it with AdonisJS too and ran into some server version problem or similar:

I think for that have to implement driver directly, couldn’t find any Knex / AdonisJS related things. Everything from search comes up as FireBase :frowning:

Or could try out that ORM you linked :slight_smile:

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hi. Again thank you very much for your informations…
I´m new user in the Adonis framework.
My company uses Delphi with Firebird, we are developing web plugins and we are studying Adonis, but unfortunately we have not found anything concrete using Firebird. but I will try to add it to the ORM to take advantage of the advantages of migrations