Flash Errormessages to big?


I have the following route validator

const antl = use(‘Antl’);

(‘use strict’);

class storeProduct {
get validateAll() {
console.log(‘in valdiate’);
return true;

get sanitizationRules() {
	return {
		margin_factor_cz_web_be: 'to_null',
		margin_factor_cz_web_nl: 'to_null',
		netto_profit_amount_cz_be: 'to_null',
		netto_profit_amount_cz_nl: 'to_null',
		margin_factor_dropshipping: 'to_null',
		margin_factor_wholesale: 'to_null',
		vat_procent: 'to_null',
		margin_factor_bol_be: 'to_null',
		margin_factor_bol_nl: 'to_null',
		shipping_cost_ex_vat_bol_be: 'to_null',
		shipping_cost_ex_vat_bol_nl: 'to_null',
		total_cost_ex_vat_bol_be: 'to_null',
		netto_profit_amount_bol_nl: 'to_null',
		netto_profit_amount_bol_be: 'to_null',
		total_cost_ex_vat_bol_nl: 'to_null',
		stock_start: 'to_null',
		stock_real: 'to_null',
		stock_accounting: 'to_null'

get rules() {
	return {
		name_nl: 'required',
		slug_nl: 'required|unique:products:slug_nl',
		id_supplier: 'not_equals:0',
		id_bol_category: 'required',
		id_product_supplier: 'max:20',
		ean13: 'max:20'

get messages() {
	const locale = this.ctx.antl._locale;
	const messages = antl.forLocale(locale).list('validators');
	return messages;

async fails(errorMessages) {
	const locale = this.ctx.antl._locale;

	return this.ctx.response.json(errorMessages);

	//return this.ctx.response.redirect('back');


module.exports = storeProduct;

PROBLEM IS : The errorMessages object is always ok but when i flash them they does not coming back if there are more then +/- 4 errors ?
Is there a max size on sessions or is there another problem ?


Hey @RUDIWER! :wave:

You need to use the validateAll property.




I use validateAll (otherwise i get only one error but i get 4 or 5), thats not the problem errorMessages object is ok, all errors are in it, but when i flash them its like when there are more errors the file is to big and nothing comes back in view ? if i have more then 5 validation errors all errors are in the errorMessages object but when i do flashAll nothing comes back in the view ? whatever different errors i take so there is nothing wrong with validation rules or whatever, also tied to put the validation in the controller and the same result ??? this really breaks my head ? can this be a bug or is it me ???


Worked by changing the driver. Discussed in discord


With the help of virk it seems that cookie size was to small to handle all the errors changing session from cookie to file was the solution !
(can be a later problem when scaling up )

thanks !