Fresh checkout don´t work

Hi I have project where I accidentally deleted node_modules, after npm i, I hade to do npm audit. I had to install the latest version of ace(6.1.7), and then I get error “TypeError: Class extends value undefined is not a constructor or null” the solution is suposed to be set thi ace to version 5.0.8 but then I got this audit error. I feel like I´m in a deadlock and can´t see how to solve it. Can anyone point that out to me.

I tried to upgrate to 4.1. and check out a fresh api and get the same error.


Can you disponibilize the repo for testing?

Hello @nonni I have actually mentioned this quite a few times, but I understand the unwanted urgency audit errors create.

Yes, you have to use 5.0.8 and you can safely ignore the audit error.

Why ignore the error?

npm audit or many other auditing tools doesn’t understand the scope in which a library or a piece of code is used. For example: The module @adonisjs/ace is not used in production and execute commands from strangers. It is a development dependency to execute the application commands and hence nothing can go wrong even if there are any vulnerabilities in the code.

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