Functional Test Adonuxt

i was wondering what should i do before use functional test in adonuxt.
I have to say that i’m new on testing and adonuxt in general, so, seen that there is nothing in the docs, i’d like to start with the right steps.

If i run the base test,

'use strict'

const { test, trait } = use('Test/Suite')('Hello World')


test('Visit home page', async ({ browser }) => {
  const page = await browser.visit('/')
  await page.assertHas('dashboard')

i’ve got this error:

expected 'TypeError: Cannot read property \'render\' of null' to include 'adonis'
  "TypeError: Cannot read property 'render' of null" => undefined

I saw that in server.js there is this ignitor:

const { Ignitor } = require('@adonisjs/ignitor')

new Ignitor(require('@adonisjs/fold'))
  .then(() => {
    return use('App/Services/Nuxt').build()
  .then(() => {
    use('Logger').info('Nuxt is ready to handle requests')

I think i should add use('App/Services/Nuxt').build() in vowfile.js-> before, but i’d like to have a second opinion about that.
Hope that topic will help someone else.

Thanks in advance

You should be using Nuxt/Vue testing environment, since all of your code is written in Vue n not Adonis

Just test your app as you’ll do any other Nuxt app

Ok, thank you very much. So I’ll use Adonis test suite only for the API testing, and for the client side vue test specs.

Yes that makes perfect sense