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My name is Gustavo, and I’ve been using Adonisjs for a while in my company projects.

I have 3 projects running in production with Adonis, and i’m very happy with my results.

But, i was thinking these days about Adonis future, and what are the plans for the framework in the future… I would like to know directly from the team that keeps the code, do you have any long-term plans for the framework?

Adonisjs is a great tool for me, and i would like to see it growing, and if i can help with anything, i’m here!



v5 is being worked on daily… The entire core codebase is being reimplemented in typescript.

Early v5 discussion happen(ed/s) here
RFCs are here
Good interview with @virk about the origin and future of Adonis here


Thanks @willvincent!

Well, i’ve read the links you sent me. They’re were enlightening.

Maybe I have expressed myself poorly, but when i talk about future, i mean the “philosophy” of the framework. (Maybe you guys just want to keep the developer friendly framework)

Maybe @virk or anyone from the team can write a blog post someday about this, it would be wonderful to know what is in the developers head. :slight_smile:

Anyway, thank you for the links!

I’m waiting anxiously for the v5

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Hello @un-versed

It’s great to see someone interested in the philosophy and the principles of the framework, since debating on features with a checklist in hand is not the best way to talk about a community.

team can write a blog post someday about this
Yes, I have plans to have a complete section on the website called Why adonis?, but lemme try to share my ideas around the framework.

There is a longer and shorter version to it, I will keep the longer version for Why Adonis section. In short, I believe in improving the developer experience with the framework by

  • Being consitent with the API.
  • Reducing the amount of tools you need to run AdonisJs. For example: I never added babel or webpack to transpile the AdonisJs code, coz at one side you can use new Javascript features quickly, but it turns out to be a hell for someone new to these crazy transpiling environments.
  • I hate mix-matching modules to get something work. Many Node.js framework suffers from this, where they wrap express into their own brand and call it a framework. That’s why I wrote AdonisJs from ground up, so that I can control every part of the framework and abstract most of the dirty work. Just look at the social authentication code of AdonisJs and passport.js
  • I am not obsessed with speed. With obsession, I mean, I will never close issues, saying this will reduce the performance of the framework. If something is a real world problem and needs to be done, then why leave it on the end user to figure it out? Without looking down on fastify, I have seen they are obsessed with speed, that we even turn down simple features like optional params on the name of speed.

Nice to read this!

I’m waiting for the Why adonis? section.

Do you have any plans to translate the docs page?

I can help with a pt-br translation, if you think it’s a good option to expand the docs.

I’m here to help as I can!


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