Get auth on constructor controller?

Hi guys!

I need get auth on constructor of class. Is possible?


class UserController {
  constructor({ auth }) {

this route will be in the middleware auth

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Hey @henriqueweiand! :wave:

You cannot receive the context in the constuctor of your controller.
If you need to inject it inside other classes/services you will need to do it directly in your route handler.

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An example in the routes:'/your_url', async ({response, request, auth }) => {
  return response.ok({status: true})

And example in your controller:

class UserController {

  async login ({ auth, request }) {
    const { email, password } = request.all()
    await auth.attempt(email, password)

    return 'Logged in successfully'

For more info please read this link:

Basically don’t add it to the constructor add it to the actual url-action that match the route