GraphQL and Adonis project


Hi guys,

Has anyone tried this project:

Any thoughts about it?



I thought you gave up to GraphQL, just like I did. But still it haunts your mind, just like I do :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing. I forked it so that later I will throw a closer look at it.

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Haha, “haunts your mind”. You absolutely nailed it :slight_smile:



@begueradj please make a note here if you try this :slight_smile:



I switched all myAdonisJs projects to REST. Not because of the famous O(n+1) issue (which anyway we face in REST too if we do not code properly) but because I did not find one real life example on how to upload an image using GraphQL except some theoretical information. But now it seems there is a little more documentation since I checked last year. Not sure when I will give it a try but I will soon or later do it in my spare time. By then, I will give you feedback. Best regards.

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I am working on a project to create LUCIDQL

I have put some information in this post if anyone wants to help me bring it to life.

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