HasMany Relationship in AdonisJs

I am trying to do hasMany relationship in my adonis project on Post and User model

I have a column of user_id in my database column and i have

posts () {
    return this.hasMany('App/Models/Post')

in my user model but anytime i make a post i get this ER_NO_DEFAULT_FOR_FIELD: Field 'user_id' doesn't have a default value

Hey @heolad, can you please share your posts table migration file over here ?


class PostsSchema extends Schema {
  up () {
    this.create('posts', (table) => {
      table.string('subject', 255).notNullable()
      table.string('slug', 500).notNullable()
      table.string('image', 191).nullable()

  down () {

Can you remove notNullable() from user_id and run the migrations and try that out ?

if i should remove notNullable the ID will not be in the table

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