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Please support MongoDB… it’s a Must.


Why it’s a must?


Lots of usages, like: chat messages, notifications,…
and while its missing, all the weight goes to Mysql
I think this should be the next major upgrade


@mehdi636 with mysql 8 and mariadb 10.2 you can create databases with structure like mongodb does it, so in fact you can replace mongodb; for example in mariadb now you can create dinamic columns or jut use json data type


What about PG ? they also support JSON/JSONB.


totally agree


the only thing i don’t like in adonis is it’s documentation. I think we can improve it, creating more examples, and explaining features in details. Other things are needed too, but for now, the docs are priority.

Other features are needed so, but these kind of things comes with time and work, the framework will improve features and add more along the time, and i believe this just will be possible if the docs are better than now.


if you need extra support about documentation or examples please see my cheat sheets about adonis, views, queries with it’s ORM and it’s query builder

I will be adding more content such as examples very soon, so please if you consider properly please rate it


Hi @ShadowPaz, you are doing a very good job, but is not just this that i’m talking about.

Adonis have several features or details which aren’t documented yet, or the docs aren’t complete.




I prefer the best, and the best is MongoDB


Eventually having support for NoSQL DBs is a nice feature, I agree. But optimizing Lucid for that, I personally believe is something that will take some time.

BTW you can use MongoDB with Adonis no issues at all. What’s the big deal ?, write your own Mongo connection there is a lot of documentation out about that.

var MongoClient = require('mongodb').MongoClient;

No convinced yet ? Take a look to

But hei sure man, if you said MongoDB is the best, all the others are probably just crap right ? lol.
Good luck with that mindset.



adding comands to cli that make table and fields in db (look at loopback.js)


You can make your own ace commands right?


@patrickdronk Watch this from 4.20 min to see what i’m thinking about.


There’s nothing stopping you from implementing something like that with a custom ace command.

Doesn’t particularly strike me as necessary, I wouldn’t use it… probably don’t need this sort of thing in core, really.

You can already do this:

$ adonis make:model -m -c KitchenSink
✔ create  app/Models/KitchenSink.js
✔ create  database/migrations/1544257377116_kitchen_sink_schema.js
✔ create  app/Controllers/Http/KitchenSinkController.js

It really seems more difficult to get a full view of your schema with all the extra terminal noise and prompting shown in that video example.

Oh, and @mehdi636… mongo is definitely not the best. It’s actually pretty crap if used as the primary/sole DB for an application of any real complexity. It’s been widely adopted because it’s easy to just shove random stuff in without the need for a schema, but once you’re actually working on something where the data structure matters, you end up working with a db schema anyway and the real benefits that mongo provides generally don’t apply to the vast majority of people who pick it because they heard it’s “fast” or whatever… a properly designed SQL database, that’s been tuned and uses reasonable indexes is every bit (and in many case more) performant as mongo.