Hosting question


Has anyone tried: for Node/Adonis?


I’m use local provider for vds and colocation in


There us a child-company from Selectel, that is way more cheaper than Timeweb.


Yes, I know.
Currently, I’m pay to year on timeweb and i can’t migrate to any more vds


Or you can use Digital Ocean’s droplets / Heroku’s Dynos for hosting Adonis :slight_smile:


Running Node/Adonis/Redis/MariaDB/PM2 on Digital Ocean’s droplet now and it works great.


I guess the best way to host your adonis app is where you can install as a root user in a linux distro


Deploying AdonisJS app to Digital Ocean <<

Step by step instructions.

… and for greater ease of use install SSH-client (i use xshell)


Thank you @sequendnb. I will try during the weekend :slight_smile:


no problem mate! can you see my question please ? i’m beginner…

and sorry for my bad English…


i’m sorry but i haven’t started with image/file-handling yet. I will get back to you when i’m there if you don’t solved this by then :slight_smile:


What are the instances you guys get when deploying an AdonisJS that’s easy to scale? Front-end one instance? Then backend another instance? Then DO Spaces for images?


I’d suggest different instances.


I use dokku to deploy all that stuff on one instance and scale it horisontally inside. For images I do use DO Spaces + Imgix.


Plesk on DO VPS