How get form data in my controller


Hi, i am brasilian sorry for my english kkk.

How do I access the “form data” on my controller, i am usage a resource controller?
I did not find anything in the documentation, what I saw was just “request.file ()” but it is not working

thank you!


Hey @pedrosoares! :wave:

Here’s what you want


Hmmmm, but this not worling for me. Adonis dont capture data from request methods :confused:
I am pass FormData by http protocol, if i pass payload adonis capture normally.


I need get a image by http post, i am using form data to send.

i cant work this with adonis, he cant access the data

how access this form data kkkk, i cant


I saw that you are using 3.2. I’ll recommend you to update to 4.0.

Check the doc for 3.2

Read form data in controller