How i can return only the latest object in my relationship

I have 4 tables:
Users, Companies, Segments, Segment_screens and Screens.

I’m trying to fetch all the screens from a user based in your companies, companies have a segment and this segment have many screens.

I try this way:

const permissionsUser = await User.query()




Is returning the result that i expect, but is returning the data of this user, your companies, the segment of this companie and last, the screens of this segment. I need only the “screens” array object. Someone can help me?

There’s other way to fetch this data with only the screens object?

You should look at


const user = await User

const posts = user.getRelated('posts')
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Hi, i tried:

const userCompanie = await User.query()
      .where('', request.params.user_id)

    const companies = userCompanie.getRelated('companies')

But i’m receiving:

TypeError: userCompanie.getRelated is not a function

You can try this then:

const user = await User.find(request.params.user_id)
const companies = await user.load('companies')