How to deploy adonis with aws elastic beanstalk?


I tried deploying a fresh project but the deployment failed. What are the necessary steps to deploying with eb?



Can u share how your entire setup looks like?

  1. Which OS it is?
  2. Do u using nginx or something else
  3. Any other AWS tools are using



I deployed a fresh app using the Node.js environment configuration. So I assumed similar to Now or Heroku it would work just by having a npm start script and nginx wasn’t necessary.


I figured it out :slight_smile: The problem was that 1) was using old node.js version that did not have support for async/await 2) .env was not loaded and ENV_SILENT=true was not set 3) eb prefers runing server.js directly if present so I have to specifiy npm start as the primary choice


Do you have any good tutorial on “How to deploy adonis with aws elastic beanstalk” to share?


I just created a step by step guide about how to deploy. Hope it is helpful