How to deploy adonisjs api to Heroku (part 3) - failed uploading image to Heroku


Hi, everyone
I have successfully deploy my AdonisJS api to Heroku
But now I have an issue with uploading image
On my local machine it ran well but when I tried to upload to Heroku it failed
I have searched that someone suggest S3 or something
Does it mean I have to change my code for uploading image functionality?
If so, how can I do it in AdonisJS?



@mukhsin -

  1. Where do you want to upload your image to?

  2. what error message you notice?

  3. Can you give additional details on the error message?


I’m sorry
I don’t know why but it’s working now

When I was about to post this help I got something like FileTransferError 500 error from server
But when I was about to demo to take the screenshot of it, it ran well