How to get de pivot table data in model hook?

I have the following tables in my system:
products; sales; sale_products.

When a sale is created I use attach method in the controller to make the relationship in the database:

async store ({ request, response, auth }) {
    try {
      const { products, } = request.all()
      const trx = await Database.beginTransaction()

      data.user_id =

      const sale = await Sale.create(data, trx)

      await sale.products().attach( => product.product_id), row => {
        row.price = products.find(product => product.product_id === row.product_id).price
      }, trx)

      await trx.commit()

      return response.status(201).json(sale)
    } catch (e) {
      await trx.rollback()

      return response.status(e.status).json({ error: e.message })

Now I have to subtract of the products table the quantity of each product that compose the sale. I have tried the something like the following code in the Sale model:

static boot () {
    this.addHook('afterCreate', async sale => {
      sale.products().map(async product => {

The problem is the pivot table data don’t appear in the console and the quantity that I have to subtract from products is in there.

Someone help please?

PS: Sorry my poor english.

Maybe you could run it like this

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