How to put Adonis into Production?

Good afternoon!

I would like to ask a question regarding putting an Adonis server into production.

I already tried some things and had some flaws, I will quote below what I tried and the results:

1 - I installed on the server NodeJs and Adonis; (OK)
2 - I clone my GitHub repository; (OK)
3 - I used the command adonis serve to run; (it ran but I had no external access of the machine, even putting the Global Ip of CentOs 7 machine, tried to release all ports did not work)
4 - I tried to use pm2 to run the service; (it ran the first time, but I didn’t have external access again, after closing putty I tried to run pm2 monit and the command was no longer found)

I hope I was able to show my doubts clearly, unfortunately this is the first time I use Adonis on a server and so I am asking for help.

I thank you all for your attention!

Hey @gustavocarmoh! :wave:

I would recommend you to read my article about this.

I use Plesk. Saves me a lot of headache.