How to unblock request from ad-blocker?

currently i am developing adonis api for my project. when ad-blocker is on, the routes using auth middleware are blocked and also static files are not displayed in the page. is there any way to unblock requests?

i have already tried this in config/cors.js

    if(Env.get('NODE_ENV​') === 'production') {
      return currentOrigin === Env.get('APP_URL')
    } else {
      return true

Hey @sam1201! :wave:

This is unfortunate!
Which ad-blocker are you using?

I have no issue with the one built-in in Brave, uBlock Origin or Privacy Badger.
Maybe your domain trigger the blocking and you should contact the developer to be whitelisted.

currently i am using ad-blocker plus. in production, only image is not loaded in the website.

It depends on your adblock and domain / request URL.

When you have url like then some adblockers might thing that you are trying to load in advertisement and block it.
I know some people have had problems since in middle of their domain name was ad.