How to use edge template on client side instead of angular/react/vue?


Hi friends!
I try to figure out how to use edge template on client side instead react/angular/vue.
Any help would be considered.


Why you want to do that. If you are building an single page app, then it’s better to leverage the huge eco-system built by these frameworks.


I saw this article and made me think on how it would be to use only adonisjs and edge for the most part.


@virk - He doesn’t say he wants to build a SPA.


I will use adonis with edge on server side only for pwa from now on and to build hybrid / native app with frontend frameworks.


Then why u need templating on frontend?


Ah I see. Got confused there. When I think of Edge, I think of front end. I come from back in the day when there was no vue.js, etc… and frontend meant stuff the user sees.