How to use validators without interfering with the construction of selects?

I set up an email rule to test if the email is unique but the prefix in the rule is damaging the database query construction

here is my rule

class Store {
  get rules () {
    return {
      'company.billing_email': 'required|email|unique:organizations'

here the sql error generated

field: "company.billing_email"
message: "select * from "organizations" where "company"."billing_email" = $1 - missing FROM-clause entry for table "company""
validation: "ENGINE_EXCEPTION"

how can i assemble this rule without the prefix generating a problem in sql?

the answer to my question is in the documentation but not very clearly

the last field tells you what the column name should look like, the corrected rule is this

'company.billing_email': 'required|email|unique:organizations,billing_email',