I wrote a queue provider


I thought some of you might be interested:

I’ve only really tested beanstalkd thus far, but given that it’s just a wrapper around ironium, I’ve no reason to believe that ironmq and aws sqs wouldn’t also work just as well.

Based this very heavily on the implementation of adonis-kue. Seems to work pretty well.

I’ve tested against beanstalkd on my local machine, with a very basic job that just spits out the value passed in when it gets processed, with multiple listeners running, and random delays on the jobs sent into the queue, all works as expected. Pretty happy with it, actually.

Hopefully it’ll be useful to others, would really like to see this sort of thing in core, but I suppose not everyone needs queues really.


I did a quick look at the source–looks good, thanks for doing this. Always nice to have queuing options in Adonis.