Inhouse Websockets Server


For those of you both Laravel and Adonis, the following package was released, which I understand can be used in place of pusher, with anything currently using pusher, therefor, should work with node/adonis

I tried quite a few options, but so far failed.


I got it working, but code is not clean.

I edited the following files directly in the npm module, which is bad practice. So I need to clean it up, but it works.

./node_modules/pusher/tests/integration/pusher/notification_client.js:  	var mock = nock("pushyap.test:6001")
./node_modules/pusher/lib/notification_config.js:var DEFAULT_HOST = "pushyap.test:6001";
./node_modules/pusher/lib/pusher.js:    host: "pushyap.test:6001"

Current setup is:
Laravel Websockets, running as a standalone
AdonisJS demo app subscribing and sending events
Laravel demo app subscribing and sending events

So the Websockets server works for any number of providers and apps, and now with both Adonis and Laravel (they did say anything supporting pusher should support this, I just wanted to try)