Is the Edge engine SEO friendly?

Is the Edge engine SEO friendly? It is a prerequisite for me!

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Edge has nothing to do with SEO. It is up to you how you do the HTML, meta, content… If you follow best practices, it is SEO friendly, otherwise it’s not.

Yes, that I know!
But I have doubts, if EDGE behaves like Angular, ReactJS and Vue that are not indexed like a static html page.

It shouldn’t be a problem, because sometime google engine loads JS before the page sometimes causing bit of a pain for pages such as SPA (javascript front-end frameworks basically).

If your page is already online, you can see how googlebot would see it:

edit: in any case you’ll need to do some optimization… hence SE(O)

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I know well the techniques of indexing HTML and WordPress pages.

My question was whether I will have the same result with EDGE.

Thank you, I will wait for more comments from the community.

Hey @rserafim! :wave:

Short Answer: Yes

Long Answer:
Adonis is a backend framework, therefore, it only works on the server. Edge will be compiled by Adonis and only HTML will be send back to the client, there’s no computation on the client.


Well, I’m new here, but as far as I understand, it can be SEO friendly. But on-page SEO is only a part of something bigger. There is off page SEO also, for example. The thing that doesn’t connect with Edge engine at all, but affects page ranking as well. I use off page SEO myself. Not so long ago I’ve bought some high quality organic links from Crowdo team and now my page ranking is just perfect. This stuff really works. But only if you order off page SEO from a reliable company.