Is websocket still supported?


Hello. Very excited to start using v4. But one thing is confusing: no signs of websocket in docs. Is it still supported? Thank you.

WebSockets support

Hey @1001v :wave:

Short answer: Yes

Long answer:
The documentation are still in progress, this is why some parts are still missing. Also the WebSocket provider hasn’t be updated to the 4.0 format but it will be soon.


Any news ? WebSocket is a really important stuff in my 3.x app and I’m in the process of migration to 4.x :x


Up Up , Any news :slight_smile: :sunny:


up, web socket doc in adonis 4 and i’ll work with this beautiful framework in my next project! It’s fantasic framework and i love laravel style with js performance! Good work. I want support adonis team in the next future.


Web sockets are not supported in AdonisJS 4 for now. Read about the future of web sockets in AdonisJS here:
For now you could implement web sockets as a service provider if needed.